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Author issues@winbash.tigris.org
Full name issues@winbash.tigris.org
Date 2003-03-16 06:29:08 PST
Message http://winbash.tigri​s.org/issues/show_bu​g.cgi?id=1

                  Summary: command subst that changes directory broken
                Component: winbash
                  Version: current
                 Platform: PC
               OS/Version: Windows 2000
                   Status: NEW
        Status Whiteboard:
               Issue type: DEFECT
                 Priority: P3
             Subcomponent: www
               AssignedTo: seguin
               ReportedBy: seguin

a command substitution that changes directories will leave the
executing shell in the directory that the command being substituted
changed to.

for example, if cwd=~/foo and either x=$(cd ~/bar && pwd) or x=`cd
~/bar && pwd` is executed, cwd will now be ~/bar:

winbash $ pwd
winbash $ x=$(cd ~/downloads/ && pwd)
winbash $ pwd
winbash $ x=`cd ~/ && pwd`
winbash $ pwd
winbash $

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